Saturday, February 28, 2009

Baba's Basement

So I lost everything I initially wrote, so I will try again and hopefully not leave anything out.
So we drooled in Baba's kitchen, we watched the Uncles and Aunts eat in the dining room, we watched Bonanza in the living room and played hide and seek in the bedrooms and are now trying to find new hiding places in the basement.
As you opened the basement door you pushed the on button and entered the depths of Baba's basement. It was a low ceilinged affair even for kids and especially for teenagers and adults. I don't remember if there was anything special on the stair way itself. As you descended you could see the two forty-five gallon drums at the base of the stairs. The one on the left was full of flour for perogies and the one on the right was full of rice for hulupci! These were the two main stays of a Ukrainian family and boy did we love to eat them, especially if Baba made them. They always tasted a little bit better then our own. Probably because we tried to follow a recipe and Baba just went ahead and made them.
The basement was a crowed affair with her washing machine under the window in the north wall. To the left of the washer (old wringer washer) was shelving holding her pickles and old pots, pans, roasters etc... . Under the stairs were an old work bench of sorts where Deke liked to tinker around. There was of course an old gravity feed furnace that moaned and groaned its way through a Kenora winter. Down the middle of the basement were a couple of old dressers stuffed with old clothes, balls of wool to be made into what we called BABA SLIPPERS. Over to the right of the washer was an old cedar chest (looked like a treasure chest) full of even older clothes. Margie and Linda would fight over who was going to be the mom and the rest of us were the kids of course. We would play for hours down there.
When you got to the south end of the first basement section there was a smaller basement that you had to step up into but bend down as you entered as its ceiling was even lower then the first part. This room contained the oil tank, sauerkraut barrel and the potato bin. This was a separate little room that we would drag the potato's up from the garden in the fall. Everyone on the hill got to use the potato's over the winter. There was a 10 watt bulb that hung over the actual bin and gave you just enough light to scare you. In the spring you didn't want to have to go and get the potato's as you could just as easy pick a mouse out of the bin as a potato. Also in the spring the spuds had grown buds that would stick out and slide up your sleeve unexpectedly YIKES! The sauerkraut barrel was a smell unto itself. If you had a cold, anytime during the winter, you would just lift the lid off the barrel, take a good whiff and your cold would be gone until next winter. We also dragged heads and heads of cabbage from the garden. Baba would be waiting with her butcher knife (looked like a machete). She could chop up cabbage and spread salt quicker then we could get the cabbages to her. It is definitely a lost art as know one on the hill does this anymore. I wonder what happened to the barrel? It could probably still kill the common cold after all these years! I think that's about it for the basement.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Baba's house part 3

Okay everyone wipe the gravy off your chin, and pick the poppy seeds out of your teeth, we are off to the family room in Baba's house.
So we made our way from the kitchen into the dining room and now with our fully belly's we turn and face west and walk under the arch into the family room. This room as you can see is not very large. There is a large arm chair immediately on your right stuck into the corner, I believe it may be pink or a light green actually? On your left is a couch again with large arms that stretches along the south wall up to the side doorway that leads to the hall-way and the stairs to the bedrooms upstairs. On the other side of the doorway sits an old Hi-Fi set that included a radio and record player and a door full of old 45's and 78's and a few 33 1/3's better known as LP's. Underneath the picture window is the TV. with the china cabinet in the right hand corner. Actually the china cabinet may have been in the far right hand corner of the dining room? Maybe someone reading this can clarify its position for me. The china cabinet had lots of tea cups and saucers and Ukrainian Easter eggs and of course family pictures.
Back to the family room! On each side of the picture window was a holy picture. Mary on the left and Jesus on the right, I think.
Baba actually gave those to me before she passed and they hang in our bedroom on Graham Lake.
On the north wall is a small square window with a ledge with a couple of nick knacks, can't remember what they are, do you? As I said this was not a large room, people sitting on the couches could touch each others feet which caused some commotion at times.
When Baba got her color television (the first on "The Hill"), we would go up on Sundays to watch Bonanza, then it was home to bed. That pretty much sums up the family room.
Now you could get to the hall way by two doors, the main one between the basement door and the family room arch or from the family room, but the couch was sometimes in front of it so you used the main door. I think I mentioned before that the phone was hung on the wall by the front door. It was a long black dial phone. There were hooks along the north wall for hanging coats, scarfs etc... . The stair case ran along the south wall with a 90 degree left turn 3/4's of the way up. The first door on your right was Baba's bedroom, followed by Deke's room (when he came back from Australia). On your left was a larger bedroom that had a double bed and a single bed. The bathroom was at the end of the hall. The tub was on your left, sink on your right and the JOHN in the middle. You pretty much had to back in if you were going to sit and then close the door.
Baba's bedroom had a window looking out on "The Hill" and her family below. The roof sloped on the right hand side when you stepped in. There was a closet on the stair way wall with cloth sliding door to keep the dust out and the kids well hid when playing hide and seek. Baba had a dresser with a mirror and a night stand with a small lamp and a glass for her teeth! I believe there was also a light clamped over the head board as well. The floor was linoleum with an oval braided rug to keep your feet away from the chill of the cold floor. There was a crucifix over her bed as well as a small picture of the blessed virgin. In the early days, if you got to sleep over at Baba's you were designated against the wall under a fluffy down filled comforter. It kept you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. The best part is it smelled of Baba and was like comfort food to all.
Deke's room barely held the single bed under the north sloped roof. There was a small night stand under his window facing down "THE HILL".
He brought back a transistor radio from Australia that had an auto search feature that is now part of all car radios now. This was around 1962 that he had gone to play hockey in Australia. He and his best friend Donny Milliard went with a group to teach the Aussies how to play Canada's game of hockey. They were gone for a year, Donny Milliard came home with a wife and Deke came home, home sick. I can still see him running down the sidewalk yelling Mamo Mamo with tears in his eyes. He missed our Baba dearly.
The third and largest bedroom had 2 windows facing west. In the winter these windows would completely ice over from frost, snow and just plain cold. On your right was the double bed and on your left was the single bed. Over the single bed was a jig saw puzzle of the English Fox Hunt in a frame. Between the two windows was Baba's treadle singer sewing machine.
Baba would spend many hours sewing aprons which she wore daily. I remember this one time she was sewing and the material caught while she was pushing it through and her thumb went through instead. She took 3 stitches through her thumb and let out an YIEYIEYIE that rattled all the windows on "THE HILL"! She pulled the thread out, stuck her thumb in her mouth until the bleeding stopped, then continued to sew.
When Guido was alive, this was his room. He had an oval half table under the right window where he would sit and play solitaire and smoke his rollie's for hours on end. He and Mr Swirhun could be seen walking down Park Street, hands held behind their backs, flat caps pulled down to keep the sun out of their eyes and jabbering away in Ukrainian.
There was a closet in the far right hand corner, again a good hiding place.
I know I have probably left alot of things out that others of you may remember so please add those details when you leave your comments if any. Next I will try to describe the basement. This will be a chore as it was quite crowed and full of all sorts of neat stuff. At least as a kid we thought it was, but as an adult it may have just been junk!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Baba's house continued

So today we will work our way out of Baba's wonderful smelling kitchen and now enter the dining room.
As you stand in the doorway, you see immediately in front of you on the left, the door to the basement where many an adventure has taken place. Next to the basement door is the doorway to the hall that leads to the front door, the telephone at the bottom of the stair case that led to the upstairs bedrooms and a second entrance to the living room. To the right of the hallway was the archway to the family room. Immediately on your right was a set of cupboards, floor to ceiling made I think of plywood with a natural varnish covering all the wood with silver slim door handles. Inside these cupboards were old clothes and old family pictures (who has those I wonder) they would be great to have published on this site. There was a dark brown almost black dining table and 6 high back chairs I think. There was an extra chair sitting to your immediate right beside the cupboards and another under the window that faced the south side of the house and the entrance sidewalk below. Behind the open door on your immediate left was Baba's hutch that just squeezed in before the window sill mentioned above. This was not a large room in any way shape or form BUT it held everyone who wanted to be there.
Many many feasts where eaten in this cubby whole of a dining room. Guido (Baba's Father), or Mr Kolshuk could be found at the north end of the table sitting in front of the window on occasion. I think he had the hots for Baba at one time but she was not interested or maybe she was? He was a nice old man and the father of Auntie Mary (Billy) and Anne Kolshuk Auntie Mary's sister who also attended Zabloski functions quite often and were treated like part of the family. When we were celebrating a feast, normally Uncle Pete (with his harmonica) would squeeze into the far right corner by the north window with auntie Dorothy beside him, Auntie Annie might be next with Deke beside her and Auntie Jeannine beside her. Uncle Joe would edge in beside her. Baba, when she sat, would take the south end head of the table(better to make eyes with Mr Kolshuk). Billy & Mary, John and Doreen, Walter and Mary, Paul & Rose would round off the rest of the table. The kids crammed food down their throats at an earlier sitting in the kitchen and were normally sent outside to play or upstairs or in the basement or family room. We were everywhere all at once and had a great time at every meal.
Ukrainian Christmas eve would bring the 12 meatless dishes, I remember Uncle Joe (Jeannine) taking a teaspoon of Kutia (which is made of wheat, poppy seeds and honey, sometimes sugar and walnuts) and flipping it at the ceiling. If it stuck to the ceiling it meant you would have a year of good luck. Well I know he didn't clean if off because when Easter came he was going to do it again but he looked up and the Christmas version was still stuck to the ceiling! Yuk but true! We would have Borscht, Pyrohy, usually potato and cheese and sauerkraut (with money wrapped in tin foil to get the kids to eat them), wild mushrooms in gravy, Buckwheat Holupci and Kolach (braided bread) one of Baba's specialties. You didn't ask Baba for a recipe as she didn't use measuring cups or spoons! It was a couple of handfuls of this, a pinch of that, a little bit of this and some of that! You get the picture. What ever Baba cooked it tasted wonderful. You never had a bad meal at Baba's!! Ever!
Okay I will go into the living room and the rest of the house at my next opportunity. Hope I am being accurate enough for those who have been there and those who can only have my and our memories.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Baba's House

Hey Gang!
So today I thought I would try to put down in words, how I remember Baba's house.
As mentioned previously she was the first house at the top of "THE HILL". It would be classed as a storey and 1/2, 3 bedroom home.
The outside of the building when I was growing up was pink asbestos shingles with I believe a black roof. Their was a sidewalk that came along the side of the house to the side door and porch. The front door had a wooden stoop about 6 inches high that you would have to step up on to go in through that door. It was rarely used and required a skeleton key if my memory serves me right. The front inside door was a solid wood door with a square window. There was an outer door with a window as well. There was a picture window to the left of the front door. As you approached the side door there was a sidewalk that went away from the house to the south property line and there was a set of stairs to bring you on to Park Street and you would head on down "THE HILL". The sidewalk also continued around the side of the house to a set of stairs at the back of the house. Facing Baba's house from the front was a purple Lilac hedge that ran across the front and down the South side of the home. In the spring and early summer there was nothing sweeter then the smell of the lilacs. There was a retaining wall that ran along the south side of the house along Park street and across the west side or the back of the house. Baba had beautiful Tiger Lillies and other flowers along the wall. There was a set of stairs at the back of the house that would lead down to the gardens. Once down the stairs if you went to the northern edge of the property she had her chicken coup. Yes breakfast eggs and sometimes Sunday supper came from the coup.
I remember Baba asking me to help her catch 2 chickens. She didn't say why she just asked I do it. So I caught the first one and gave it to her and continued to catch the second. I was probably 6 or 7 at the time. I turned to her with a smile on my face because I managed to catch the 2 birds. Well she had most of the feathers off the first bird, which I thought was kind of weird. She took the second bird from me and with a quick flip of the wrist, she broke its neck and gave it back to me and said okay take off the feathers so I can make supper. Up to then I always thought you bought your chicken from the butcher.
Okay back to the house. The side door had 2 doors as well and outside door with a screen in summer and a 4 window insert for the winter to try to keep the cold out. There was a solid white door as an inside door. These doors had been painted over and over again over the years. They did not close tight and in the winter you could feel the wind blowing across the floor.
Regardless the time of year, when you opened Baba's door you smelt wonderful things. If it wasn't borscht or chicken soup, it was bread, the smell of dough for perogies, rice and onions and pork fat for hallupchi, cake, doughnuts or noodles drying over the back of the chairs. Pork hocks boiling to make sausage made your mouth water. Beets could be boiling for pickling or jars boiling to can cucumbers for dills and oh yes the smell of dill! Fresh dill on new potatoes from the garden tossed in butter, sigh!
Okay I'm suppose to be describing the house not drooling. As you entered the kitchen from the porch door there was a doorway on your left that led into the dining room, family room, basement and a hallway to the bedrooms up stairs. The kitchen was very plain in appearance. She had a retro kitchen table before they became retro. Blue fer mica top with steel chairs that matched. The chairs had hard plastic type material on the seats and backs. Easy to wipe kids messes off and bare thighs to stick to in the heat of the summer. On the left wall just past the doorway into the dining room was a door concealing her ironing board. If there was too many kids running around up stairs the door could pop open on its own and the ironing board would fall down hitting who ever was sitting too close, or walking by. This happened often. There was always a chair there for the unsuspecting. Beside this doorway was her stove, then counter space that ran the remaining length of that wall then across the north wall with the kitchen sink and a window over it. On the east wall was her fridge and the kitchen table and a window looking down "THE HILL" so she could watch over her gardens and family. There was a central light in the kitchen ceiling and a bulb over the kitchen sink. In the summer you could get your head stuck on the bug catchers hanging around her work areas. She didn't like flies in her soup or baking.
Baba's kitchen was the meeting, visiting ,hang around room. If you were in the kitchen you ended up working, cleaning, and eating. The best part of course was the eating. Baba always had a treat of some kind for you when you came in the door.
When I was about 10 I came home from doing my paper route and out of habit I always stopped to say HI BABA (and a treat). There was a huge waxed box sitting at the top of the porch steps and was kind of in the way when trying to open the door. Baba asked me to bring the box in and put it on the chair by the ironing board door. Well I struggled to get it up as it was quite a large box but it had handles cut into the sides to make it easier to pickup. I got it settled on the chair and Baba asked me to take everything out of the box and put it on the kitchen table. Now the box was closed like an empty beer case with the flaps folded into each other. So I pulled the first flap then the second and it popped open as the box was quite full. Well I let out a scream and ran out of the house lickity split! I could hear Baba laughing as I ran down "THE HILL" home. What was in the box you ask? A freshly killed pigs head with two beady pink eyes and a dirty hairy snout! When that box popped open let me tell you it was not what I was expecting! I can still hear Baba laughing that little hee, hee, hee as I ran out of the house.
Okay I will sign off for now and continue later on the rest of Baba's house!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Family Tree


The following is a list of the Zabloski family as per the reunion of 1986.

Steven Zabloski
Born: January 1, 1887 Sokal, Austria
Deceased: May 26, 1949
Immigrated to Canada 1907

Married Nellie Spaltenstein 1918
Deceased: 1924
Stella - Born: November 22, 1919
Deceased: June 27, 1937
Paul - Born: January 18, 1922

Married: Frances Kitt August 19,1924
Born: January 8 1908 Yugoslavia
Deceased: March 30, 2005

Children: John - Born: September 27, 1925
Deceased: November 10, 1999
Peter - Born: February 14, 1927
Mary - Born: August 23, 1928
Michael - Born: March 22, 1931
Deceased: August 15, 1954
Joseph - Born: March 2, 1933
William - Born: March 17, 1935
Rosalie - Born: August 27, 1937
Deceased: January 24, 2003
Anne - Born: December 25, 1939
Henry - Born: August 2, 1942
Walter - Born: October 7, 1947


This is how we all started. These are the roots of our beginning as we know them. We were lucky to have had such wonderful parents to guide us through the early years and now. We miss those who have left this world much to early and wait for us in the next life to come.

Guido - John Kitt - was Baba's father

The following are the individual families of Babas’ children of “THE HILL”.

Paul Zabloski
Born: January 18, 1922 Deceased: November 4, 2000
Married: Rose Kulka June 23, 1945
Born: June 19, 1924
Daughter #1: Born: January 27, 1947
Daughter #2: Born: June 30, 1949
Daughter #3: Born: August 6, 1950

Daughter #1 Elliott
Married: Wayne Elliott September 27 1969
Born: November , 1947
Tracy - Born: March 31, 1968
Robert Wayne - Born: January 3, 1971
Angela - Born: December 14, 1972
Tracy Elliott Lenton
Married: Darren Lenton
Shayla Marie Elliott - Born: June 16, 1990
Hailey Wilcox - Born: February 5, 2008
Angela Elliott
Quade Barrett Elliot Downey - Born: November 17, 1995

Daughter #2 Johnson
Married: Joseph Johnson October 30, 1973
Born: June 7, 1947

Daughter #3 Alexander
Married: Richard Alexander October 7, 1972
Born: July 3, 1946


John Zabloski
Born: September 27, 1925
Deceased November 10 1999
Married: Doreen Favreau June 17 1950
Born: July 20 1927
Donald John Born: May 6, 1951
Richard Stephen Born: August 12, 1952
Sherri Michel Born: December 26, 19
Judith Anne Born: April 5, 1956
Michael James Born: April 10, 1957
Thomas Joseph Born: May 30, 1958
Teresa Lynn Born: April 7, 1960
Cynthia Louise Born: April 23, 1961
Christopher David Born: November 24, 1966

Donald John Zabloski
Married: Evelyn Johnson August 26, 1977
Born: December 30, 1954
Jonathon David - Born: July 18, 1980
Matthew James - Born: August 25, 1982
Landon Albert - Born: August 27, 1985

Jonathon Zabloski
Married: Kayla Leanne Grant September 25, 2004
Blake John William - Born: November 19, 2003
Sarah Lyndsey - Born: December 22, 2005

Matthew Zabloski
Engaged: Andrea Michelle Poupart
Born: February 1, 1983

Landon Zabloski
Married: Chelsea Dawn Anderson - December 13, 2008
Born: February 10, 1982

Richard Stephen Zabloski
Married: Deborah A. Adams July 20, 1974
Born: July 9, 1952
Benjamin John - Born: December 28, 1981
Elizabeth Rose Anne - Born: December 13, 1982

Benjamin John
Engaged: Melanie Michaud - Born July 4, 1979
To be married September 26, 2009

Sherri Zabloski
Single but mother to all

Judith Anne Zabloski Krumbacher
Married: John Krumbacher January 26, 1980
Born: January 27, 1961
Daniel John - Born: May 25, 1980
Erin Frances - Born: June 22, 1983


Michael James Zabloski
Married: Denise LeBlanc May 2, 1981
Born: December 13, 1958
Emma Louise - Born: April 11, 1985
Jessica Rae - Born: April 30 1987
Alexander Michael - Born: January 29, 1989
Adrian Anthony - Born: September 29, 1992

Thomas Joseph Zabloski
Married: Sue Anderson July 18, 1981
Born: April 19, 1961
Meghan Sue - Born: July 9, 1982
Jared Andrew - Born August 15, 1986
Meghan (Zabloski) Rosenbaum
Married: Zachary Todd Rosenbaum December 13, 2006
Born: February 29, 1972
Jade Marissa Rosenbaum - Born: February 14, 1996
Jasmine Alexis Rosenbaum - Born: April 2, 1998
Brett Randall Rosenbaum - Born: April 2, 1998
Paige Cedar Rosenbaum - Born: June 2, 2006
Zoe Aspen Rosenbaum - Born: July 21, 2009

Teresa Lynn Zabloski
Married: William Randal Kuka November 14,1987
Born: December 12, 1952
Ryan William - Born: November 14, 1988
Rae-Lynn Nicole - Born: October 17, 1989
Adam John - Born: February 2, 1992

Rae-lynn Kuka
Kiandra Paetyn Delaney - Born: July 29, 2006

Cynthia Zabloski
Single: Every kids favourite to go camping with.

Christopher David Zabloski
Married: Catherine Lynn Anna Nyberg
Born: June 12, 1968
Ashton Christina Louise - Born: August 2, 1995
Jacob Christopher David - Born: May 26, 1998
Jonah John Anderson - Born: February 13, 2001

Peter Zabloski
Born: February 14, 1927
Married: Dorthy Brown November 12, 1949
Born: February 8, 1931
Robin Ann-Marie - Born: July 10, 1956 (adopted)
Steven Joseph - Born February 23, 1958 (adopted)

Robin Ann-Marie
Common-law: Spade Lance Bradley

Steven Joseph Zabloski
Married:Trish Patricia Grant December 20, 1986
Born: December 12, 1963
Andy - Born: March 20, 1988
Jeffrey - Born: June 20, 1990
Divorced: Trish
Married: Janice ? 2000

Mary Zabloski Strawa
Born: August 23,1928
Married: Walter Strawa July 19, 1947
Born: April 22, 1923
Linda - Born: January 23, 1948
Randy - Born: March 21, 1953
Deceased February 26, 1954
John - Born: October 7 1955
Deceased: April 1, 1989

Linda Strawa Nye Massey
Married: Richard Nye July 4, 1966
Richard John Nye - Born: October 7, 1967

Married: Cameron Massey August 2, 1980

John Strawa
Married: Norma Inkster October 7, 19--
Born April 24, 19--
Crystal Dawn - Born: July 24, 1980
Married: Allen Klein
Amanda - Born: December 23, 1982
Engaged: Eric To Be Married August 22, 2009
Mikayla - Born: March 3, 2008

Joseph Zabloski
Born: March 2, 1933
Married: Jeannine Turenne October 19, 1957
Born: April 22, 1936
Joelle Shirley Marie - Born: September 22, 1958
Patrick Joseph - Born: March 18, 1963
Timothy Gordon - Born: March 18, 1966

Joelle Zabloski Thomson
Married: Thomas Edward Thomson September 9, 1978
Born: July 11, 1957
Sean Thomas - Born: March 24, 1980
Daryl Ann - Born: March 6, 1985
Bailey - Born: September 25, 1988
Sean Thomson
Married: Theresa Fawcett - September 5, 2009
Born: October 26, 1982
Bailey Thomson
Boy friend: Christopher Benjamin Byrne
Born: July 18, 1985

Patrick Zabloski
Married: Sandra Anne Kolisnik July 20, 1991
Born: September 24, 1960
Christopher Nicolas Krueger - Born: October 4, 1981
Kyle Stephen Zabloski - Born: August 5, 1990

Timothy Zabloski
Married:Susan Debra Sutherland June 4, 1994
Born: June 15, 1964
Amanda Joy June - Born: June 29, 1989
Cole Gary Joseph - Born: June 18, 1995

William Zabloski
Born: March 17, 1935
Married: Mary Koshuk October 20, 1962
Born: August 27, 1930
Susan Marie - Born: October 17, 1963
Lisa Ann - Born: April 5, 1965
Susan Zabloski
Married: William Percy Campbell April 19, 1991
Born: December 24, 1959
Nicole Mary - Born: September 2, 1991
Heather Deanna - Born: September 13, 1992
Bailey Anne - Born: December 19, 1994

Lisa Zabloski Booth
Married: Ross Booth August 18, 1984
Deceased: April 27, 2008
Amber MarieBooth-Kruz - Born: May 9, 1986
Married: Michael Kruz - August 3, 1991
Born: March 30, 1965
Michael Riley Kruz - Born: May 22, 1992

Rose Zabloski Carver
Born: August 27, 1937
Deceased: January 24, 2003
Married: Joseph Carver June 30, 1956
Born: December 17, 1927
Deceased: August 5, 2001
Toni Charmaine _ Born: January 3, 1957
Catherine Lynne - Born: December 1, 1958
Deceased: March 12, 2000
Kelly Joe - Born: November 12, 1960
Lee Anne Frances - Born: May 18, 1964

Toni Carver
Married:Roy Carmen Scarcello June 12, 1993
Born: August 23, 1959
Gianna Mariza - Born: June 6, 1994
Mario Stephen Roy- Born: January 16, 1996

Kelly Decouchie
Married:Brian Decouchie
Lindsay Dawn - Born: August 17, 1982
Makenna - Born: January 20, 1993
Cassidy Rose - Born: January 28, 1989
Jenny Emma- Born:

Lee Anne Carver
Common law: Christopher Ralko - Born: January 30, 1952
Bronson Joseph Eton - Born March 21, 1989

Anne Zabloski Mosionier Gosse
Born: December 25, 1939
Married: Gordon Mosionier October 24, 1959
Deceased: April 10, 1965

Married: Robert Gosse July 29, 1967
Born: April 2, 1944
Jeffrey - Born: October 29, 1969 (adopted)
Andrew - Born: November 1, 1972 (adopted)

Andrew Gosse
Married: Valerie Gagnon September 2007
Born: July 9, 1975

Henry “DekeZabloski
Born: August 2, 1942
Married: Dorothy Baletki February 15, 1969
Born: March 26, 1938
Brian Wayne - Born: September 1, 1962
Cheryl Lynn - Born: August 24, 1963
David Andrew - Born: February 12, 1970

Brian Zabloski
Michael Wayne - Born: April 30, 1994
Emma Rodgers- Born: July 19, 2004

Cheryl Zabloski
Brittany Mary - Born: March 23, 1990

David Zabloski
Married: Lori Rice 199_
Born: April 7, 1971

Walter Zabloski
Born: October 7, 1947
Married:Valerie Loranger June 28, 1969
Arcade Stephen - Born: June 8, 1970

Married: Cheryl Letourneau
Born: May 17, 1959
Step son - Tyler
Tara Lynn - Born: September 20, 1989

Arcade Stephen Zilinski
Married: Bayley Lyn Bedard September 9, 2006
Born: September 24, 1979
Eastyn Kelly-Lyn - Born: June 15, 2008

Sunday, February 8, 2009

So where have I been you ask? Well I found the family tree given to us at the 1986 reunion and I am now in the process of updating all the family history and will then post it to the blog.
Things missing: Date of Passing of Uncle Paul, Margy's kids are they married do they have kids? I think so? I need Landon's new wife's name and birth date and wedding date. I need Danny's girl friends full name and birth date. I need Adrian and Alex Zabloski's birth dates and their full names. I need all of Teresa's kids full names and birth dates and grand kid. Chris I need your whole family, full names and birth dates. Does anyone have an e-mail for Robin and Stevey? I need info on their families as well. Uncle Walter Strawa, date of passing. Contact info for Linda Strawa Massey. Johnny Strawa's kids full names and birth dates. Are they married? Joelle's youngest's full name and birth date. Patrick's family all names and birth dates as well as Timmys.Susan and Lisa I need your family names and birth dates. Toni Carver I need all her family names and birth dates. The same with Kelly Carver. Does anyone have contact info for Auntie Annie? Jeffrey or Andrew Gosse? Uncle Deke's family, Brian and Cheryl and David, spousal info, kids info wedding dates etc... .Uncle Walter out west I need all his family info as well. So if you can help it would be appreciated. I have sent out requests to those I was able to find on facebook but am missing alot.

Monday, February 2, 2009

The beginning

This is Rick Zabloski, son of John and Doreen Zabloski. I decided to start this blog to get the history of the Kenora Ontario Zabloski's down in writing. This will allow all Zabloski relatives to enter any historic information, family information and memories of growing up on Park Street "On The Hill"! I haven't really thought of how to lay this all out but I will basically just write what I know about the hill, as foggy as the memories may be and I will try to input facts when I know them to be correct.
If anyone reading this blog know my facts to be wrong, I ask you put your name and the date you are updating the information and insert the corrected information. Do not delete any info but simply add your version. Enjoy the Kenora Ontario Zabloski journey as we know it!